Crystel – Projects in Control

Crystel is a project management service or tool that allows capturing estimates or measures for IT projects. It is based on Scope Management and Functional Size Measurement standards and Industry practices. Project Life Cycle processes enable your teams to set targets and baselines, to monitor changes and progress, and to evaluate the project by comparing actuals with initial planning.

Crystel is focusing on your team processes, empowering teams to get useful insights that can be used for self-improvement and that make your teams become aware of effectiveness and efficiency of their efforts and results.


Functional Size Measurement

Nesma, IFPUG and other ISO standard Functional Size measurement and Function Point methods are available, including indicative, global or detailed product and project measurements. Other sizing methods such as Use Case Points and Source Lines of Code are also supported. Each component is measured based on its type (e.g. for Nesma: Internal Logical Files, External Input, External Output, …) its Complexity and the Mutation type (Add, Change, Delete). Other properties such as the source document reference, component names, notes and (sub)systems can be registered with the functions in order to capture traceable information that allows review and verification.


Import and export

Besides analyzing data and project metrics, Crystel recognizes the importance of capturing the estimation process itself and the considerations made while measuring. Most organizations measuring functional size still use Excel templates to calculate and register the estimates. With little effort this historic data can be imported into Crystel using Excel templates. Measurements created in Crystel can also be exported using predefined or customized Excel templates.



Properties of projects, measurements and reference data can all be customized. Crystel can be easily tailored to your requirements by configuring custom variables or fields. The number of customized fields is not limited. Project life cycles can be customized in order to support different types of Agile or traditional project approaches and phases. Also, measurement methods or additional guidelines such as Nesma enhancement, data warehousing or service oriented architecture guidelines are supported. Even your organization’s custom guidelines and calculation values can be configured in your Crystel environment.


Security, updates and interfacing

Crystel is provided as a ready to use Software as a Service solution. This way, users are always up-to-date with the newest features and your organization does not have to worry about technical administration, patches, infrastructure or scalability. Crystel is a web application that works on modern browsers. It requires no browser plugins. Excel import and exports are based on the Office Open XML document format (XLSX), which is default supported by Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions and also by other spreadsheet applications. Data in Crystel can be exported with data feeds and export files. This allows integrating Crystel data with other estimation software, metric repositories or Business Intelligence tooling, being on premise or in cloud environments. Each client will get a separated and secure database, so no customer data is shared.

Crystel is continually enhanced and new features will automatically be available to your organization. Future enhancements will provide even more dashboards, reporting capabilities and analysis functionality.